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Hair straighteners are commonly used to straighten and style your hair. Hair straighteners enable the users to achieve the straight from salon look. These are also called flat irons and are used to straighten dry strands of curly hair which cannot be managed easily. If you are looking for buying a good hair straightener, you should read the hair straightener reviews first so that you can get the best deal. Given here are a few determining factors which help you to make the right choice. 

How Do You Buy Best Hair Straighteners? 

Though all the hair straighteners are used to straighten hair but the best among all make use of the latest and the most sophisticated technology. These may cost you more, but the money is worth spending if you want to transform your hair. You should choose the one that is suited best for the type of hair you have and your hair length. Any wrong choice may leave you deeply disenchanted and can damage your hair. All the flat irons appear to be similar and the market is deluged with a variety of hair straighteners. So, how will you go about it? Seek the help of the internet to read hair straightener reviews and then find the apt one. 

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Plate Material (Which Material to Select? )

In most of the cases, plates of the hair straighteners are made up of ceramic, tourmaline and titanium or from the combination of any two of these. These materials emanate anions (negative ions) when heated which help your hair to become smoother and straightened. Hair straighteners made up of solid ceramic maintain the high temperature and even distribution of heat that results in glamourous and frizz free locks with minimal damage. Plates that are made up of solid ceramic cost you much more than those who are merely coated with ceramic but they should be your preference as they do not damage your hair. Whether you have thin or thick tresses, ceramic plates would be the right choice for you. 

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Titanium plates have a relatively high output of ions than the ceramic plates. This hair iron is apt for thick, coarse and undamaged hair, which cannot be managed easily. So, if yours are fine hair, you should use only flat iron made up of titanium and that too at the lowest temperature setting. Tourmaline is a perfect choice for the coarse hair as this material reduces friction and gives you ultra-sleek locks. Do not use hair straighteners that have metal plates because they are likely to damage your hair. 

Size of the Plate: 

Hair straighteners are available in different sizes. But, you should consider buying a thick plate (larger than 1.5 inches). Flat irons are one inch are about one inch or even smaller. These are best suited if you have fine curls. 

Temperature Adjustment: 

You should choose to buy a hair straightener, which has temperature controls. All those who have fine hair treated with chemicals should not consider buying hair straighteners which do not have temperature controls. Constant high heat lead to the breakage of hair and split ends. So, you should go through the best hair straightener reviews and select the one which has a temperature control button.
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If you are looking for an easy and simple method to curl hair, you can use a hair straightener. You can achieve your purpose without visiting a hair salon. Hair straighteners use heated plates to straighten hairs. There could be danger to your hairs if you use an inferior straightener. 

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It is necessary you buy a good hair straightener to avoid damaging your hairs. The difficulty many people face is that they do not know how to buy high quality hair straighteners. If you were one of those people finding it difficult to buy a good quality straightener, the following hair straightener-buying guide would be of assistance to you. 

Factors to consider when buying Hair Straighteners

Purchasing the right hair straighteners depends on different factors. Here are some important factors you have to consider:

CFMaterials used in the production of hair straightener
CFFeatures and characteristics of hair straighteners 
CFHair straightener plate width 
CFHeat settings 

Materials used in the production of hair straighteners

The most important thing that matters in hair straightener is the materials used in making them. Good straighteners should be good conductors of heat. When there is a low friction between the hair and the plate, there would be no likelihood of hair breakages. Here are some materials you have to consider when you are looking for a good straightener.

CFCeramic coated 
CFSolid ceramic 
CFCeramic and Teflon coated 

All these materials are good and excellent conductors of heat. The most common type available on the market is the ceramic plate. The plates are durable. There are some hair straighteners made of glass plates. These are good as well, but they are not durable. If you want a hair straightener that would produce the best result, you can opt for brands with tourmaline and titanium plates. These are the best, but they are not affordable. They would offer the best results. 

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Characteristics and features of hair straighteners

Another important factor you have to consider in buying hair straightener includes features and characteristics of the product. This determines the capacity and performance of the straightener. Here are some points you have to consider:

CFHeat up time
CFAuto shut off
CFWorldwide voltage
CFIonic straightening
CFFar infrared heat
CFFlash quick heating

All these features are very important as they affect the output of the straightener. Some users prefer straighteners with curved ends. This is because they are more versatile. Before you use any, try to read reviews about them.

Plate Width 

Plate width is another important factor you have to consider when you are looking for the best hair straightener. You have to make a choice based on your hair length and type. If you have short hair, you can look for a slim plate of 3 centimeters. Moreover, you have to consider your budget and your need. If you are on a budget, it is better to go for the basic ceramic plates, they are not only affordable, and they could solve your problems as well. If you are a traveler, you should look for a straightener of a worldwide voltage. These simple guides would help you make an informed decision about the perfect hair straightener for your hairs.
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Every lady knows that a hair sraightener is a basic requirement. A hair straightener basically prepares you for those days where you do not have time to go to the salon to get your hair straightened. With a hair straightener, you can get sleek hair in a very short time at the comfort of your home. Hair straighteners are sometimes referred to as flat irons because they use some flat plates that get heated when plugged in to a socket to straighten your hair.

What you need to look for

There are several hair straighteners in the market today. This is why you need to be careful when selecting one. You need a hair straightener that is effective and does not use too much heat since it may be damaging to your hair. There are several things that you should look for when you decide to purchase a hair straightener. These include;

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The material of the plate- the material of the plate is very important because it determines the type of results you get and whether or not your hair gets ruined in the process. There are several materials that are used for the plate of a flat iron. These include; tourmaline, ceramic and titanium. Of these, the best material is ceramic since it produces enough heat to make the hair sleek and does not damage the hair.

 The size of the plate- the length of your hair is what determines the size of the plate you choose. If you have very long and thick hair, it is advisable to go for a flat iron that has a thick plate. This enables you to get better results. Thin or fine and short hair should be straightened using a flat iron that has a flatter plate.

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Adjustment of temperature- it is very important to go for a flat iron that has a temperature adjustment. This is because too much heat can damage the hair and cause split ends. This is especially important for individuals who have short and fine hair since the hair texture is not that strong.

How often you should use a hair straightener

The results you get from straightening your hair with a hair straightener are very good. This may make it tempting to flat iron your hair regularly. This is however not advisable. You should minimize the use of flat irons as much as possible. This is because some of the materials used to make the flat irons release ions that damage the hair. The heat also causes a lot of split ends. Eventually, your hair may not appear healthy if you keep using a hair straightener. It is advisable to use it 2 times a month utmost.

In conclusion, hair straighteners are very important for all people with different hair styles. It makes the hair appear sleek and makes it unnecessary to go to the salon. To get the best results, choose the best flat iron for your hair but be careful not to over use it. You should also make sure you read some of the hair straightener reviews before purchasing a hair straightener.
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